About us

In 1978 Birdwood Downs was established as one of a series of programmes to develop the new discipline Ecotechnics which intends to harmonise ecology, technology and impact by human use. Birdwood Downs is the savannah ecology project to demonstrate pastoral regeneration of overgrazed and eroded land. More on the history of Birdwood Downs.

It is a 1900 hectare station located in the coastal ecosystem of the Kimberley region where the soils are very low in nutrients. Overgrazing with sheep and cattle and over burning made top soil vulnerable to erosion. As a consequence the land could no longer be used profitably at the time that is was acquired. Over the years, we have demonstrated how to regenerate the country. More on the Land Care programme.

The knowledge and experience gained over the years is made available in a series of training programmes. The key staff of the station are the trainers for the different programmes.


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