Kimberley School of Horsemanship

Robyn Tredwell, late Director of Birdwood Downs and noted Kimberley horseman Bud Crockett cofounded the Kimberley School of Horsemanship to share the challenges and experiences of keeping and riding horses with the community.

The School has a roundyard and a rodeo arena to train horses and students. The horses are trained by our own horsemen and suit riders of all proficiencies.

Riding lessons

We give riding lessons to individuals and groups of up to six students. The training begins on the ground with familiarizing students with the horse, catching the horse, leading, grooming, saddling and bridling and returning the horse to the paddock. Lessons move on to mounting, balance, seat, and riding at a walk, trot, canter, and gallop.

For groups of up to six students it is possible to book a riding camp of several days. Camps include riding lessons and horsemanship skills around the barn. For the more advanced riders medicals, nutrition, tack mending and fabrication of leatherwork are ipart of the programme.

Lesson frequency is normally once a week. The duration of a lesson is 1 hour.

Due to unforeseen circumstances we regretfully have to cancel this year's riding camp.

Click here to download the riding camp brochure.

Trail rides

The school offers trail rides through the beautiful paddocks of Birdwood Downs. For novices and inexperienced riders we offer one hour treks. For more experienced riders there are treks of several hours, which include exploring a section of a historic cattle trail, and offer you a view over striking grassland vistas, marshlands and timbered dunes.

Click here to download the brochure.

Age and weight limit

The minimum age for horse riding is 6 years. Due to the size of our horses we have a weight limit of 90 kg.

Breeding programme

We have a breeding programme for Quarab horses. The young horses are trained by our own horsemen. Some of the young horses are added to our herd while others are sold.


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