Key Staff

The station is run by a small number of permanent staff and assisted by a varying number of temporary staff. Support is provided by consultants who are affiliated with the Institute Of Ecotechnics.

Director and Business manager: Hans Leenaarts

"After a life as IT manager and management consultant, far away from our natural environment I found at Birdwood Downs a near perfect match with my desires for a new life. I feel closely connected to the mission of Birdwood Downs: care for the environment, care for people. I love the life style in the Outback. And I very much enjoy the challenge of Birdwood Downs: maintain the life style, maintain the environmental work, transfer knowledge and experience to younger generations with the values of environmental care and sustainable life and at the same time make it a sound and economically viable business so that it can continue its interesting and valuable work for many years to come."

Director and Station manager: Greg Hay

"I find living a savannah lifestyle fantastic. It gives me a euphoric feeling. This lifestyle comes with its technical and environmental challenges which are closely related to the seasons: the cool of The Dry, the rain and humidity of The Wet and the heat in the periods in between. The first shower of The Wet always is a feast. It not only brings cooler weather, it is also very much the beginning of explosive growth of nature, turning Birdwood Downs Station into a paradise for people and animals alike. Of all the jobs I do on the station I like working with horses most. We have a breeding programme. I train our horses so that they can safely take inexperienced visitors on trail rides in our pastures. I love to give riding lessons, where often human and horse are learning their lessons simultaneously."



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