The maps are made with commercial grade GPS. Positioning is done with reference points on the ground and aerial photography with a drone. To improve relative accuracy ground measurements use reference points to be able to correct for drift over time, both over a period of months and, by measuring a reference point at the start and at the end of a measuring sequence, thus correcting for drift during the measuring sequence itself.

Aerial photos are made with a drone, operating at 100m or 50m. The individual photos are stiched together to form a photo of a large area, between 200 and 500 photos for a paddock. The stitched image is corrected for the map projection.

The projection of all maps and aerial photos is UTM Zone 51S on the WGS84 ellipsoid.

As a result, the estimated relative accuracy of the maps is about 5 meter.

The maps are in PDF format.

Map Size Remarks
Station map 24-11-2018 A1 The species on this map are only partially referenced against the aerial photos.
Fence map 24-11-2018 A3  
A-paddocks 24-11-2018 A3  
Homestead area 24-11-2018 A3  
Main utilities 25-11-2018 A3 Water and electric power
Cattle yards 16-11-2018 A4  
Campground 26-11-2018 A4  
Buildings 26-11-2018 A4