Boab’s fight

I have painted a story and the story begins with a fact: The boab is Nature's well.  As the boab reaches adulthood it becomes hollow and gets a stomach full of water. The sun is rising and with its heat it is trying to crack open the boab so it can do its duty for the native animals. So they can drink and survive the dry season. The moon however is trying to prevent this boab reaching its destiny and hopes to freeze it. The boab cannot protect itself from either of the forces and wishes to be left alone. Now a boab isn't a tree who will stand aside and lets its destiny decide for it. It uses its long branches to deflect the hot and cold rays of evil and good protecting its body and water .
Some of you might say this is selfish of the boab and it should crack open for the animals that share the land with it.  But the boab has reasons such as ...
Once I crack I cannot close again so after very few days my belly is all dry so there's no water for me or the animals. And not all of us need to crack because a lot of boabs like my uncle Billy couldn't handle the pressure of being attacked¬† day and night. He contributed a lot of water to animals since he couldn't hold to the diet my aunt put him on. HE WASN’T EVEN ALLOWED COWPOO FLAVOURED WATER !!!!!!!!

Bregje (12 yr old)