Birdwood Downs is a magical place. We only WWOOFed here for two weeks but found it hard to leave at the end.

There is a good balance of work, group activities and personal time. We weeded wattle (great stress relief!) in the cool of the morning. Afterwards we were given time to carry out personal projects to improve the homestead. There was a range of work from farming to mechanics, and roof-cleaning to knife-sharpening and conference preparation. We could tag along and help with other WWOOFers' projects too, allowing more hands-on learning opportunities.

Later in the evening we had time for ourselves and for dinner preparation. The kitchen roster is a brilliant idea! We could sample cooking from other cultures while enjoying the entertainment and the company of seven other different nationalities.

A few colourful peacocks and horses, a handful of chickens, a scatter of scuba-diving, wall-climbing frogs and a juvenile puppy make up the other residents of the homestead.

WWOOFing here has given us a chance to experience community homestead living. We love the idea of farming as a base to promote creativity and the arts. We love the theatre practices, the mask and costume-making sessions and the general monkeying around. It will be hard to forget performing as pee-washed frogs, homesick monkeys and depressed singing crocodile in a charity musical, all under the roof of a theatre shed.

We would definitely love to come back to Birdwood Downs for another grand WWOOFing experience!

Chung and Xin