Birdwood Downs, one of the best stays of our lives. It was a unique experience. I made memoryies there I won't forget in a hurry. It was an honour being trusted enough to learn and interact with the amazing horses that the farm holds. It was a whole new experience to work on a farm such a Birdwood Downs. It was interesting to know what it feels like to have to work for the food you eat. The farm happened to own a theatre where my sister and I created a 40 min play. It was extraordinary to be able to create something magical to present and to be able to thank them in another way for their hospitality. My sister and I both learned how to drive the ute up and down to the tip they had on their property. It was crazy exiting when I got to attempt a 3 point turn but succeeded only in an 8 point turn.
We used our skill of driving to transport rubbish from the tip and created creatures of the land by cleaning the metal and then welding them into place. When you come here please take a look at the cow, horse, peacock, chicken and dog sculptures in the large caravan camping places.
We have been so lucky to have come across this extraordinary place and I wish to share my wonders here with as many people as possible.  

Diuwke (15 yro)