Probably it’s the weirdest place that I’v ever seen and probably Derby is not the most exciting town of Western Australia. And again, probably the dry season is not the best time of the year to visit the Kimberley because it's pretty hot. But I think it’s for these reasons that I totally fell in LOVE during my 3 months at Birdwood Downs!
I learned many things that I’ve never done before, from painting a roof, to taking apart a bulldozer, to cooking for many people (obviously my pasta alla carbonara was the best), to riding a horse or also to fighting a bush fire!!
Cockatoos, peacocks and frogs are the soundtrack of everyday and the fruit and veggies from the botanic garden at the station are much better than the ones from Woolworth in town.
I had great times at BD and met very nice people from all over the world, we were like a big family. I’m gonna miss you all guys (and my Bella as well!!), maybe one day we’ll see again...
You can’t escape from the Kimberley!

Marco (the Italian)