I arrived at Birdwood Downs in the beginning of August 2015 and stayed there 3 weeks. If there is a thing you must know, is that staying 3 weeks was NOT enough! I got the opportunity to do things I would have never expected to do, like planting pineapples or fighting a bush fire (among other many things of course). The cattle station is also nice. There are chickens and peacocks. You can ride horses and share a shower with a couple of cute frogs! You can eat veggies from the organic garden as well. Hans, Greg and Menuka are lovely people and really easy going. They are really respectful of each other's culture, and keen to learn about yourself. We eat all together, and even have "special dinner" twice a week.
So, if you haven't understood yet, yes I really enjoyed my stay at Birdwood Downs, I even wish I had stayed longer. And yes, I highly recommend you to come!