Every year many volunteers, mostly young people, stay on our station for anything between a week and several months. During that time they work for their keep and feed and take part in all aspects of our station life. In exchange the volunteers learn about living in the Kimberley, life on our station and often some new skills. It is always a pleasure for us to have people of all nationalities at our station, it creates a multi cultural atmosphere with new stories and new experiences all the time.

It is amazing how often the person with the right skill turns up at just the right time to do a specific project which always adds to the experience of the person as well.

Birdwood Downs is a member of the organisation of Willing Workers On Organic Farms (WWOOF) and of Helpx.

Gallery of volunteers

Liz and Hannah, Katharina, Peter, Chung and Xin, Satoko, Marco, Xin, Meagan, Nylenka

Sarah, Bregje, Diuwke


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